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The Spurs Method

The Spurs method is the fastest, and only known method to turn

100% cardboard into soil. Developed by Jaxen Spurs in Colorado Springs, CO. in November of 2022. The steps provided below are presented without specific instructions. 

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1 - Colonize wild bird seed (wbs) with mushroom mycelium.

2 - Pasteurize Card board by microwaving in a bowl of nutrient rich water for 3 to 5 minutes or through normal pasteurization technique.

(including but not limited to spent coffee grounds and gypsum)

3 - Wait until achieving desirable water content and temperature in card board and add colonized WBS

4 - Add mixture of colonized WBS and Pasteurized cardboard to a sterilized cultivation container.

(Used ziploc bags and coffee cans are preferred.) Seek online instructions for creating and sterilizing mushroom cultivation container

5 - Allow cardboard to colonize (30 days or less)

6 - Once cardboard is fully colonized, cut hole in container (seek online instructions)

7 - Rehydrate and repeat the process until the cardboard block is (spent) or no longer produces mushrooms. 

8 - Break up the cardboard and dehydrate. 

9 - Apply cardboard to seeding tray

10 - Plant seed 

11 - Water with nutrient rich water (including but not limited to nitrogen , potassium, phosphorus)

*********Cardboard may be replaced with other natural materials... a pile of leaves... a block of burnt wood... rotten food... dead animals..******

most effective mushroom type PHEONIX OYSTER MUSHROOM


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