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Jaxen Spurs is a Latin American singer songwriter that creates through expression and

personal experience. Originally from Danville, CA. He found a guitar at the young age of 15 and the rest had yet to be written. After falling in love with Music, Jaxen quit his day job and stared busking on bridges in Las Vegas. This led to 6 years of nationwide hitch hiking, exploration, and homelessness.

During this time, Jaxen performed from LA to NYC in venues ranging from Festivals to street

corners, and has become nothing less than an experienced pro in performance.

Although he stuck to his pursuit of life on stage, Jaxen fell into addiction and alcoholism

towards the end of his travel. After a couple attempts at sobriety, Jaxen is proud to say that he

took his last drink nearly 8 years ago. After the change of lifestyle, he moved into LA to get a

degree in audio and work an internship, before making his final move into Nashville, where he

has been learning the ins and outs of songwriting and the music business.

Jaxen is currently releasing his debut album “Waking Up”, after some success with FM radio

play on his debut single, “Way Past Words”. With sights towards the future, he is producing his

future releases out of Sienna Studios in Nashville, TN. Jaxen continues to push into new areas

building an organic network of fans and venues, as a highly eclectic entertainer, that is sure to

keep the fans listening, laughing, and growing in the community.

In 2022, Jaxen made history, launching his non profit record label Saved By .Wavs. With an entirely new business model, Jaxen is building equity for education, and giving and entirely new purpose to life on stage, prioritizing the artists impact on society, over money made for the label.

"The tipping point is the moment where the momentum for change becomes  unstoppable" 

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